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Support A Musician In Mombasa

Hello Friends, I'm appealing for your kind support to help me survive! I have lost all my gigs in the hotels as an entertainer due to Covid-19 Pandemic!

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Hello friends ,my name is Joshua and I live in Mombasa Kenya.I'm a pianist and I have been performing in the beach hotel in Mombasa Kenya. I have also been teaching on music lessons on piano and recorder respectively. These were my only source of income that I and my family depended on. As we ate all aware today, the covid 19 has wreaked havoc worldwide and so many people including myself has lost their livelihoods. 

It is for this reason I have decided to appeal for help for anyone who has a dollar to spare to help a brother. The tousrism  sector to which I was directly depending on has come to its knees and will take a while to recover even if the covid19 pandemic ends soon. Its everyone s hope that this will end soon as we look for new measures to survive. I would like to start something knew that can help me and my family. I would like to start a Food Supply/ Grocery Store and I'm looking for a capital to startt  this as relying or begging for help and donations every time will not be sustainable. Its better to teach a man how to fish rather than giving him fish to eat! Please help for a good course!

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