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Building Classrooms

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Haywood School

School Location:     Dagoreti North – Ngando Village.

Objective of fundraising:     Is to raise ksh1.5M fund for acquiring land and building classroom structures for learning.
My story for Haywood school initiative
The idea of starting Haywood school began when i was selling coffee door to doo in Setilite Dagoreti constituency. Then in January 2015 I conducted a research need assessment using school enrollment form from one household to the other, out of the 100 Household visited 75 Households pointed out lack of food, basic education and other socio-economic problems affecting the Households. It is in this background findings that Haywood school idea came into existence as community based school opened in Ngando Ward, Dagoreti Constituency -Nairobi County with Three Kids enrolled and have since grown to a total of 10 Kids and One trained teacher. The school also runs an economic empowerment activities with both Haywood kid’s parents and neighborhood community these activities includes:  business mentorship program, Village savings and loaning, T-shirts screen printing skill, cake baking skill. These activities are geared towards empowering community financially, eradicate poverty and paying fee for their children.

Justification Phase 
Due to these increased demand populous seeking services from school, the rented single room can no longer accommodate concurrent activities for both Children and parents and the current location of the school is not conducive for learning due loud music from the neighbors, the environs is surrounded  with people who smoke weeds and cigarettes.  it’s in this regards that Haywood school is planning to have a joint fundraising through varous platforms with an intention of acquiring a piece of Land and putting up classrooms in Nairobi County for an expansion.

Intervention Phase
Currently Haywood School is providing basic education to the 10 enrolled kids, food (Breakfast and Lunch). Some of the Kids take this Lunch as their super because their parents cannot afford to provide three meals per day and the school compound acts a safe space for children growth and development. The school have also enrolled 15 parents in Household economic strengthening trainings that includes business mentorship program, Savings and Loaning, Business Skills, technical skills. Out of which 5 are direct beneficiaries with their kids learning at the school while 9 parents are from the neighborhood.

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