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Fly Dama To Canada.

Raising funds for Damaris Mutai who will be Pursuing Masters in Landscape Architecture at the University of Manitoba, Winnipeg,Canada. Target 1.2M

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I am Damaris Jebiwott From Kapsingore family in Ainabkoi Sub-county. I have always been passionate about Landscape Architecture right from High school to the University (JKUAT) where I pursued degree in Landscaping Technology. During my undergraduate studies I found satisfaction in the art of Landscape design greatly inspired my love for nature and conservation. This prompted me to join the greenbelt movement founded by Nobel laureate Environmental activist Wangari Maathai where I was interested in expanding my knowledge of how environmental conservation could be achieved in a more holistic design approach where people wouldn’t feel imposed but part of them.

While doing my final year project, had the opportunity of designing a renovation plan for Nyayo Community Park in Nakuru. Designing the community park sparked my interest in Landscape Architecture field. Knowing that the design of this community park would lead to restoration of the public open spaces which overtime had become a pile of garbage and home to street children which raises the alarm of insecurity.

I believe with a broad understanding of LA, I would be in a position to instill conservation and outdoor recreation in our communities by designing local community parks, Arboretums and public use facilities, this way people’s perception towards environmental conservation through holistic design approach would be achieved. 

Your noble support would go a long way towards re-inventing a new urban environment and communities, fostering a better future for generations to come. 

I wish to one day, look back at transformations and milestones achieved in Landscape Conservation, planning and restoration trough Landscape architecture, with a sense of accomplishment within me. Knowing deep down that i was here; i played a part and made a difference. My heart true desires. My aspiration.

Thank you.


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