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Purchase Of Church Land ( JAIAM)

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My Name Is Emmarick Radeny

The Seniour Pastor and the General Overseer of Jesus All In All Ministry (JAIAM).

I was called in the ministry to serve God at a tender age in Primary class Seven, grew up and spent most of my days in the village. Many visions made me to believe that God had called me for a special work which i didnt know how and when but was always in prayers, teaching the word and praying with people who were having problems, sick and tormented. At that age many lives were changed both young and old in the village by the word, as God confirming his word with signs and miracles. The calling of God grew more srong in my life when i was in High School even after college. I have served with different churches being hosted by Pastors and Bishops for revival meetings, conferancess and crusades but was still serving under my Pastor.

It has not been smooth in the ministry. JAIAM located in Kawangware-Nairobi where i was directed by God to start a Ministry work, a place i had never steped into, i didn,t know anybody there but after many times of avoiding to obey this i accepted to see why God wanted me there. We started on a sunday servive with my Wife, daughter who was a little baby by then and myself. It was not easy and it has not been easy. Many times we had no money ,no food to eat with family, no good proper house we didn't have money to rent a good one, i remember living in a leacking house, there was a time we didn't have a house forced to sleep in church members houses at night day time was a nother story.  All this was becouse of the high calling of God over my life,we didn't stop through loneliness, lack, hunger but with perseverance to meet my calling here.

It is almost Ten years having moved from grounds, sructures just to get a place to worship. For one way or the other we had to move when the owner wanted us out, some times it was the lack of fund. Every time we moved we had to loose a good number of church members who would also have reasons of not following us to other new places, this would also interfare with the Church growth.My heart has been in the ministry serving God, where to live and many other things in this life has never been a first priority but the church of God. we have seen lives changed, God confirming his word with signs wonders and miracles.

We are blessed to get a place we will call our Home, a place to dwell, a good place to build a sunctuary, a place to serve and worship our God. By the Love of God i request for a financial support from friends and wellwishers to help us purchase this Land. We are a small growing Church with 50-60 Members, some are not able.With your help i believe we can achieve this dream.

We will highly apreciate your contribution, we will pray for you and God will bless you.

yours faithfully

Pastor Emmarick Radeny

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