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By Festus Kipchumba.


When I go to the hospital they normally rush me to the maternity wing since my protruding belly makes doctors think that I am pregnant. This is a challenging experience that 34 year old Diana Kiprop from Kituro in Baringo Central faces in her daily life following a liver condition which causes fluid to fill her abdomen and make it swell.


One week after giving birth to her fifth child in 2014, she started complaining of her heart beating too fast. She never knew what was ailing her, since the condition never allowed her to lie down when sleeping. She used to sleep while sitting down. When she went into the hospital she was diagnosed with Typhoid and even after finishing the prescription her condition remained the same. She had to go to the hospital once again where she tested positive of Malaria and even after that the same problem still recurred. After undergoing numerous checkups and treatments, doctors advised her to go for heart scanning but due to lack of funds, she never managed to do that.


Her drunkard husband, Lawrence Wasike , used to physically assault her and he never cared about her health condition which kept worsening each and every day. The kids used to sleep hungry most of the time as her condition deteriorated making her unable to even do menial jobs. "Even being aware of my health status, he starved us as if he wanted to see us die. He never contributed anything in the house. Sometimes he arrives when he is drunk and he beats me up for not making meals yet he knew very well that he left nothing in the morning" she narrates amid tears. "When I walk even for five steps I run out of breath and my heart beats too fast forcing me to sit down and rest for a while" she narrates.


Things got worse when her husband, was jailed after he tried to run away with people's debt which he borrowed to satisfy his drinking culture.

With seven children, to look after, and sickness ravaged body, she only waited for death to come and 'rescue' her from the abyss of depression and suffering. In the year 2018, Mary Kiprop, her mother had to travel all the way to Bungoma county where she had been married to go and bring her back home. "I decided to go and bring her while she was still alive than wait until she is no more. The way she used to suffer in the hands of her husband was too dehumanizing" said the widowed mother of five. That was when she got the opportunity to undergo a free heart scanning at Baringo Referral Hospital which was conducted by doctors from the Aga Khan Hospital Nairobi.


Reports from doctors indicated that her heart will soon fail to function if she will not undergo a heart surgery immediately. "I was told if I will not undergo a heart operation before the end of the year, then my heart will completely break and down and that will automatically result to end of my life" says Diana. She reveals that she is needed to raise Shs 500,000 for the urgent medical process. "We don't even remember the last time we took three meals a day. We are just surviving through God's grace" she reveals.


She now appeals to wellwishers and also local leaders to assist her raise the huge amount of money so that she can go to Nairobi for the advanced medical attention.

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