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Grace Medical Student

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Dear All,

I would like to express my appreaciation for anyone whom has taken time to read this.My name is Wendy Wamboi of Mombasa County.

I am a Mother of 3 kids and sole supporter of my sister Grace Njeri and retire mom and dad.Grace Njeri by God's Grace manage to pursue medicine in China through Jining Medical University.She is well grounded young lady whose biggest desire is to become a medical doctor (specialist).

I have manage to fund her education for three years with the help of my siblings  ,but with the burden of raising my three kids alone ,it is becoming a challenge.

She is hardworking student and puts in all effort to master skill of becoming hopefully one of the best future doctors.Njeri is however troubled by the thought of this drem being cut short due to lack of school fees.

She is in her third year going to her forth year ,so close to the finish line.

I am kindly asking for your help in aiding Njeri realise her dream of becoming a Doctor ,and not get withdrawn from school due to lack of fees payment

Njeri is our future.Kindly let keep Njeri in Medical School by contributing towards her school fees of 800000.


My family and i will be grateful for your contributions whatever amounts they be.

Be blessed.


Thank you and Regards,

Wendy Miako


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