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You support in helping me raise fees for Nursing School will go a long way in helping curb discrimination against HIV/AIDS victims

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My name is Hellen Bittok, I am a 43 year old mother of 2 children. In the year 2000, I  was disgnosed with a health condition that turned my life around. I was in denial about it for years and did not share it with anyone for fear of being stigmatized and discriminated against. I understood first hand what it must have felt like, for others who had been disgonised with the same condition, and wanted to do something about it by pursuing a career in the medical field and specifically Nursing to be able to 1st, understand my condition better, and secondly to serve and help the communities and people around me who suffered the same predicament as I suffered, and to be a source of Hope and Encouragement to them and thier families.

In 2008, I enrolled into a College in Malaysia to pursue Nursing with the support and encouragement of my late mother. Unfortunately, two months into the program, I was dicontinued on the grounds of my health status, that was my first horrible experience with discrimination due to my health status. I was forced to abandone my dream of ever becoming a Nurse.

10 years have gone by since that horrible experience, that broke my heart and shattered my dreams. I was totally discouraged and felt like I did not have any reason to live. In my mind I thought that was the end of ever becoming a Nurse and I shelved that thought at the back of my mind and pursued other things in life, but never getting true fulfillment.

In 2014, my mother who is now late, was taken ill and was diagonised with Cancer, and I had to leave employment to take care of her. Going through that experience only added to the desire of becoming a Nurse, being in and out of Hospital and watching Nurses taking care of her made me burn with passion and desire, but always brushed it away saying it cant happen. After her death I went through my own dark season of depression that only worsened my condition and in 2017, I was diagonised with Pulmonary TB that almost took my life.

Coming face to face with death was one of the most scariest experiences I ever went through, but at the same time, made me realize how strong I really was and how important life is. Looking back at my life, the lost dreams, the hardships, the disapointments and the challenges I faced and asked myself, is that all there is to life? and it dawned on me, that all  those experiences were really my training ground to strenghten me and mould me into the purpose and calling God had for me, to help others facing difficult health conditions and bring healing and purpose into their lives circumstances. Being a living testimony that if I could go through it all and still be standing here alive and well, they too can do the same.

It is with this new found purpose and calling, and being given a second chance to life, that I decided that nothing will stop me from pursuing my dream of becoming a Nurse, and decided to give Nursing another shot, and took a chance and applied to do Nursing at the Catherine McAuley Nursing School at Mater Hospital this past April, only to find out they had an intake that same April and were willing to have me join the class even though I was two weeks late. God miraculously provided me with the initial payment to start the classes, and as we speak I have been attending classes for the last two weeks not knowing where the balance of fees will come from, but trusting God to provide as He did with the initial payment.

I have been out of employment since 2015 when I left work to take care of my ailing mother and been doing small businesses here and there to cater for my children`s needs and myself, with the support of family and friends and therefore cannot afford to raise the fees to go through the entire Nursing School which is a 3 year full time course. I am therefore seeking financial support from well wishers, family and friends to pay for my fees so I can Pursue my passion and calling in order to become the person God called me to be and make a contribution and an impact in the world we live in, through this noble profession of Nursing and touch lives. Your support and contribution will go a long way in making a differnce in peoples lives, mine included. For me Nursing is a calling and will pursue it to the best of my abilites.Thank you in advance and God bless you.

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