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Hello, My name is Esther Wangui, Kindly help me finish my studies by contributing towards my education. I appreciate your support and May God bless you so much.

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My name is Esther Wangui Kihara, a student at the Kenya School of Law undertaking the Advocates Training Program. I am humbly requesting for your financial support since I am unable to raise the remaining part of my school fees. The Advocates Training Programme costs Kshs 190,000 (Kshs.145,000 for tuition and Kshs.45,000 for exams). At the beginning of this year I conducted a fundraiser and was able to get Kshs. 110,000 required at registration. My current balance is Kshs 80,000. I am required to pay Kshs. 35,000 which is my tuition fee balance that is due on 31st May. Failure to pay this amount will have me deregistered from the school.  I am also required to pay an exam fee of Kshs. 45,000 to the Council of Legal Education. I have uploaded an official receipt showing my current tuition fee balance.


My Financial Background

I am the first born in a family of two children. My mother Mrs. Irene Hiuko Kihara singlehandedly takes care of my brother and I after my dad passed away due to kidney failure in 2013. My mother owns a small retail shop and the profits from her business cannot cater for the education of my brother and myself. My mother has struggled to put us through school up to this point where it is not possible for her to afford our education. My brother Martin Kihara has had to discontinue his University Studies due to lack of funds. At the University level, I was a government sponsored student, meaning the government paid a large proportion of my school fees. I also received an education loan from the Higher Education Loans Board which catered for the remaining part of the school fees and upkeep.



 I am so passionate about this career path I chose and my dream is to be admitted to the bar and become an Advocate of the High Court of Kenya. My purpose after admission is to ensure that I support my brother financially until he has completed his studies. I also have a goal that once I become an advocate, I will initiate a fund that supports needy students like me who are unable to afford funds to complete the Advocates Training Program. I work hard in everything I do as evidenced by being 8th in position in the Deans list of top 20 lawyers graduating at the University of Nairobi in 2018 with a high GPA of 67.03. I kindly ask for your investment in my education. I value and appreciate your assistance. Thank you for taking the time to read my personal statement.


Kindly help me finish law school by contributing towards this noble cause. May God bless you abundantly.



Esther Wangui Kihara.

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