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#PedaltoHajj For Education In Kenya

We are cycling from Kenya across four countries to perform Hajj in order to raise $50,000 for the education of needy children in at Al Furqan Institute, Kenya.

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Pedal to Hajj group consists of four cyclists who will be cycling from Kenya to Makkah for Hajj in order to raise funds for the education of needy children who can not afford basic education in Kenya. Our journey will take 45 days covering approximately 100kms per day.

Inshallah this journey will raise funds to support the education of young boys at Al Furqan Institute in Kenya (ATI), Namanga, Maili Tisa. The Institute is constructing an office block in Nairobi, Al Furqan Towers, which will be rented to provide running costs for the training institute.

ATI is an integrated boarding school with both secular education and deen. It has approximately 160 students fully equipped with a computer lab. We aim to raise 5,000,000Ksh as our target for this campaign.

Please help the cause by sharing our message and donating fisabillilah. Shukran!

Learn more at www.pedaltohajj.com



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