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It all started in 2014 when i noticed whenever i use family planning i was bleeding profusely..i went to the doctors and the told me to change to another method but it was still the same. In 2017 i stopped completely using fp but i was still bleeding. In 2018 January, i went to see the gynacologist and he confirmed that i had Cervical Cancer.. From there i went for operation in Mombasa and stayed in the hospital for 1 month plus..Then after a few months i was sent to KNH for Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy

It took 39 weeks in KNH..Then i came back to Mombasa to take my biopsy to check if i still had cancer.. But my immune was too low so the wound kept getting deeper..it damaged my private parts and my gynecologist had to do like 5 operations to restore the wound but it kept getting worse..After getting worse, i was sent to KNH on Feb 2019. There they took me for operation they told me the tissues were tampered with and very weak so it ruptured.. That's when the doc in KNH told me that my vaginal part has cramped because of Radiotherapy and there was nothing else they could do.. They told me the only option is to seek further medical attention in India for reconstruction surgery

This is where now am asking for your assistance/help to regain my health back again because i have  pafavaginal fistula..Anything small you have will go along way to see me back on my feet..Be blessed always and thanks in advance

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