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Mrs Green Initiative

Mrs Green initiative is seeking for tree seedlings from you in order to meet our target of 2 million trees this rainy season.Donate to green.

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Seeking for tree seedlings from you this rainy season in order to meet our target of 2 million trees in Nakuru county we integrate ordinary trees with fruit producing trees in an effort to conserve our environment in the ratio 1:1. General trees costs Ksh.200.00(2$) while fruit producing ranges between Ksh. 150.00-300.00(1.5$to3$)  we plant the trees in all public lands and schools e.g public schools, hilltops, dumpsites,dam sites riverbanks.Other necesities include transport,i.e ferrying and awareness creation van,public address systems, atent,volunteer facilitations like uniforms and lunches,and fuel.Kindly send your donations through M pesa or PayPal.Donate to Green.

Together we can.

Green Nakuru.

Green Kenya.

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