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"I Am Bloody Confident!"

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Did you know that  65% of women and girls  are unable to afford sanitary pads in Kenya?  and even for those who do,  they still find it embarrassing to talk about periods?  Girls & women often avoiding words like “period”, “menstruation” and even “blood” because these have been viewed as “bad” or “uncultured” words, thus perpetuating the shame around it and negatively affecting the confidence of girls to be at their best in class and out of class. 

In our continued efforts to help girls build confidence under our Girl Confidence mentorship program (https://web.facebook.com/Girl-Confidence-212922999049194/?tn-str=k*F) we have initiated the “I am Bloody Confident!” campaign to  support at least 200 school girls in their final year of high school (secondary school) in the Kibera and Embakasi local communities to access sanitary hygiene for the next 6 months. We will also host tea party sessions on the 28th of May through the 1st of June 2019 to celebrate the world’s menstruation day through healthy conversations that are geared towards break taboos surrounding menstruation. 

Your support is highly appreciated.

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