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Neillah Mirera Medical Appeal

Neillah has been under homecare for a while now and unfortunately, due to the nature of her disease her condition has worsened and she now need a ventilator.

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I gave birth to Neillah on the 14th of February 2018. It was a normal birth and she was 2.9kgs at birth. I noticed a yellowish colour on her eyes and asked the pediatrician, he dismissed us and told me it was nothing serious. We went home and a week down the line, the yellowness got more visible. I went to Getrudes Hospital where she was given some medication and I was advised to expose her to light and she will be okay. We went back home and did as told and within two days the yellowness had cleared. Three months later, I noticed that Neillah's growth was slower and she was getting floppy instead of stronger. All this while we were going for the regular immunization and it was never noticeable. Her weight was increasing with grams every month. We decided to visit a pedeatrician then and some vitamin D test were done. She was diagnosed with rickets and, we were kept on a 3 month drug to increase her vitamin D levels. After three months, on August we went back to the doctor for check up and still not much improvements were noted. The doctor recommended us to start occupation therapy because she had very floppy muscles and really low muscle tone. We started ocupation therapy which was another journey by itself... two months later, we could see some slight difference though not as much. At nine months, we had not achieved much. No visible milestones like normal babies. I was then advised to see a neurologist. He took a blood sample from Neillah, which was taken abroad for further tests. Honestly, I didn't get the result as early as I was supposed to for the fear of the unknown. On mid of February 2019, she started having regular fevers which were on and off. Back then, she could have episodes of flu which were on and off and she was also choking from drinks and food. Come 1st of March, her fever persisted and she started breathing with difficulty. I rushed her to Nairobi Hospital where the doctor admitted us with possible pneumonia. We got to the hospital at around 4:30 am (Kenyan timing). At around 10:30 pm, we went to ICU because her condition had worsened and she was getting tired of breathing. Since then, it has been one news after the other. The doctor went through our files and found the genetic test. He told us that Neillah has a condition known as SMA (Spinal Muscular Atrophy). He went ahead and said she may not get to 2 years due to her condition. We currently have a bill close to 5 million inclusive of some machines she will need for breathing.

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