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This is to raise funds to help our members who have a challenge getting to the point of care due to high travel costs, and also help them afford diagnostics.

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The treatment for Chronic Myeloid Leukemia (a blood Cancer) and Gastro intestinal stromal tumor (a stomach cancer) is available in Nairobi Kenya. over 1,000 patients have been put on it. Sadly however, there are some of those patients that find it hard to travel to the city for check-ups and refill of their doses. They also need to have monitoring done regularly to ensure that the drugs are working well. The cost of their regular travel and monitoring is very high especially to those who live in far-flung areas. this causes them to fail to access this life saving treatment, most of the time causing an undesirable failure of treatment. Now you can help them reach their points of care. Walk with them the last mile by donating towards this cause.


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