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Jolene's Medical Support

Jolene Agape Sabwa needs a heart Surgery in India. She is counting on Well-wishers to help her raise the funds to enable her travel and sort treatment urgently.

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Jolene Agape SabwaA

ge: 8 Months Old



Diagnosed of Conjenital Heart Disease.Its a defection from birth

Name:Truncus arteriosus with collaterals.

Condition realized last week on 24th after eco cardiogram was done in Medi-Heal hospital Eldoret by specialist Dr Myra Koech of MTRH.

Treatment Plan

A representative from global health has requested quotation from 5 hospitals in India, we are still waiting on their response which will be in 3days. This will inform our target amount.

After we select the hospital Dr Myra will write letters to Medical board and NHIF to inform and ask for NHIF support for non civil servants.

Travel dates to be decided once we get confirmation from ideal cost efdeffect hospital.

Cost Expectations

It is estimated to cost between 500k - 1M for treatment pending confirmation after responses from our quest.

Air travel for children, mother and an Aid (could be the father) @60000 per person round trip. If we have to carry oxygen supply for babies with low saturation levels  that adds to the cost as it will be 3 adults and a child.

On accomodation, we may have to source outside the facility, cost would vary from destination to destination.

Current Mchanga is at a 2M target mark but will be reviewed once we get quotes and zoom in to 1 hospital. We are hopeful this target will dwindle.

In All we thank God for this Gift of life.

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