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Evans Onduko Education Fund

Evans Moturi has brought us together to start a contribution for him. We will appreciate whatever you can towards his school and well being.

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Hi Guys,

This is the story I put down about Evans that You all shared-  Pics check on images.

It is what has brought us together to start a contribution for him. Safaricom's paybill will take awhile. It will be out next week. Let's use this. Some peeps are impatient. Money always finds something to do. Before it gets, let's do this.


I would like you to focus on this guy.
Then focus on the stumps.
Then focus on his KCSE grade (A-)
Then notice that he is registered as an Econ/Stats student at UON then read this story.
So our guy is Evans.
My parents in shags are looking for someone to uproot stumps and clean our compound. In the village word spreads fast. Normally, the guys who show up look like they will do the job. In a few, Evans shows up. He says he will do anything-we are skeptical.
1. 3 quarter his speech is in English. Not my type of English. Polished English. English that went to school and wears shoes.
2. He looks town-ish. Town people don't even know what a stump is. Ask us where we are happening(we know this)
So he says he will try his best and would like ksh. 300 per day.
He leaves.
We are left not sure who he is and if the job will be done. We however are all touched and my bro says he will question him after work the next day. He does and I later do.
So Evans's mom hails from my shags. Shit happens. Parents re-marry and parents lose jobs then you are left hanging.
Sometimes we parents are the cause of our kids being in the shit we get in.(we won't delve on that)
You have to support your parents who are doing a kibarua here and there and a sister in school.
Then, since you are in uni, you have to wait 3 years for your sister to at least finish high school because she can't stop there and you can hustle.
Amidst the struggle, her maternal grandma, asks him to come back home so that he can relieve the parents of "baggage" to allow them work kidogo and support the sister.
He obeys. He comes to the village. They are a struggling family and he is depressed because "if only he finished uni"
While in Uni, absenteesm because of lack of means and other family issues made him not perform well in some subjects. (I have his results). He acknowledges that he was not settled. He is ready to re-sit the exams. He is also going to his fourth year.
So my mom and I went to find the grandparents and hear from them. The grandma was open enough and they have the same story. These are elderly people. Older than my parents.
Her grandma just wishes that the grandson could finish school and get a job. The guy is bright.
Why all these? Because I would like us to help him. I feel like the brain is getting wasted in the village and soon he will be on weed and chang'aa(local brew)
Ooh wait.
So he interned at Nissan Kenya and did some customer service job at Tradewinds. I personally called to confirm and sent emails to confirm that it was true.(I have the email responses- reach out if these docs matter to you and you would like to see-deleted them because someone wasn't happy and I acknowledge-we all should remain happy)
So, what do I want?
1.I would like us to get this boy back to school- meaning, we see how his school fees is paid, his food and accommodation and books.
Then also, I want him to re-sit those other papers.
2. I would like someone to get him a part time job-we could arrange on how he juggles school and work
3. I would like someone to donate a small laptop-a friend of mine is ready to train him to do online writing.
So if you would like to assist me assist Evans in anyway, reach me 0728887706
Asanteni sana.
We could actually switch this guy from his EconStats and just take him to studio. His voice!!!
If you want to meet him, arrange with me.
If you have any better suggestions, feel free and reach out.
Last thing.
My parents will be his parents.
He will report to them. He will bring his results to them and he will be answerable to them.
My parents will disburse his funds and ensure he is comfortable at school



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