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Madam Mary from lanet primary school in Nakuru had mentioned a certain little girl who just like me, needed a wheelchair to get around. Her name is Ida and she is in class four. She is a really special little girl that was born with a spinal cord disease that crippled her lower limbs and took away her ability to control bowel and bladder movements.


 She lives one and a half kilometres from her school and every morning and evening she has to be pushed on her beat up, torn up wheelchair that is not even suited for her. Its too big, too heavy and doesn't even have foot rests. So she folds her legs and places them on top of each other. Looking at her, one would easily assume that she didn't have her lower limbs.


 The road on which she commutes to school is bumpy and uneven; its no surprise that she misses school regularly because of back pains. Yesterday was one of those days that she missed school. We went to her nonetheless. 


Her parents are kibarua workers who cant afford to miss a day at work so when she is unwell, they leave her at a neighbours place and go to work so they can get resources for her medication. Ida could benefit from physiotherapy but they cant afford it. Not with rent and another child in the picture.


 I was drawn to ida the minute i saw her, i couldnt get out of the vehicle but i saw her calmness and innocence. She is just a child who had no say over how she was born. We probably cant change that but we can most certainly change her future.


 I honestly hope and pray that you read this and feel the conviction to help this beautiful girl. She needs a good wheelchair, a supply of diapers, a safer way to get to school, physiotherapy and most importantly, she needs us to pull together for her.  


For a donation of any kind use  M- Changa paybill 891300 account number  31639. The account is under the name 'Together For Ida". For more information you can reach out to Lucy Ndirangu  0726 773535. My inbox is open for any information you might need. Lets shine a light on this little girl and her family. Share this post far and wide until she gets the assistance she needs. Social media has been doing good work lately. Lets make this happen. #TogetherForIda

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