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School Fees For My Children

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Dear Friends,

This is Sarah Nyongesa.  I am writing to appeal for your help in paying for my children’s school fees.

I was laid off from my job in June 2015 and since then I have not been successful in landing another job in spite of my numerous job applications.  After I was laid off I was paid my dues which I used to pay off a bank loan and a cooperative loan that I was servicing. 

I was left with a substantial amount of money which is what I used for rent, school fees, and as capital to set up an agro-business of growing passion fruits in Bungoma County.  I got seedlings from an agronomist who also guided us on how to plant, weed until we got to our first harvest.  The fruits were really big and juicy and we started selling them to hotels and institutions in Bungoma Town.  Things seemed to be going on well with my passion fruit venture until towards the end of 2016 when there were heavy rains.  The crop struggled to survive the heavy rains.  After the heavy rains, came a dry spell in the better part of 2016.  We struggled to spray and irrigate the crop to no avail. That is how I lost my passion fruit crop.

 I started looking around for what other business I could do.  A friend had suggested to me about supplying cereals to Nyamakima.  At the point of searching for another business venture, I saw an advert on Inooro TV of an organization called Mankind Concern which was giving tenders for the supply of cereals.  I called them and I was invited to go to their office in Runda area to buy the tender. I paid 5,000/- for the tender and I was issued with the receipt and the documentation.  The whole process seemed genuine to me.  I was asked to supply my first batch of 100 bags of maize in a week’s time and I was elated at how fast the whole process went.  My friend had introduced me to some cereals suppliers in Kagio and so I went to Kagio to purchase the maize.  The lady I bought the maize from also offered to give me a lorry at a discounted price which I accepted.  So I delivered my 100 bags of maize to Mankind Concern at their go down in Industrial Area.  I was given the delivery note which was stamped and asked to visit their office in Runda so that they start processing the payment.  The next day I went to their office only to find the gates locked without access to outsiders.  I tried effortlessly to call but there was no response.  It finally dawned on me that I could have been conned.  So I headed to Gigiri Police station to report and to my surprise, I found a group of people there who had also come to report that they had supplied different things (iron sheets, computers, cooking fat, timber), to the same organization which supposedly was taking care of IDPs in the Rift Valley.  They were scammers who had stolen from unsuspecting Kenyans in the pretense of being an NGO that aids IDPs.  That is how my hard earned money was stolen.

I now started vigorously to look for jobs.  I was called for several interviews and the reason I could not be given the job in spite of my good CV was either I was over qualified or they wanted someone at an entry level.  To date, I’m yet to find a job.  I got some data entry work to do at Cloud Factory Kenya where I was getting approximately 10,000/- per month.  This was better than nothing as it at least took care of my bills and we had some food to eat.  Unfortunately, from October 2018, the volume of work started reducing and I finally got an email from Cloud Factory saying they will no longer need my services as they have attained their goals.  As they say, things do not always work out as we have planned them.

 I have said all these to say this, with no job and no stream of income, it has become increasingly difficult to pay rent, pay school fees and even to put food on the table.  My daughter is now in Form 4 at St. Johns Girls School in Kaloleni, Kilifi County.  When school closes my daughter stays with my sister who stays in Malindi.  For two years now I have not seen my daughter because I cannot afford fare to bring her to Nairobi when schools close.  This term she has already been sent out of school twice because of school fees arrears.  My son is in Lenana School in Form 2.  For him to join Form 1 was just a miracle because I had no money to pay for his admission to Lenana.  God used a friend of mine and relative to pay for his school fees and I’m forever grateful to God for them.  This term I have only paid 10,000/- which was a bursary from Ngong CDF office.  I still have a balance of over 20,000/- to clear for term one. 

 Early this week, Lenana School administration called me to say they were sending the boy home because of the arrears.  I really pleaded with them to let him remain in school because coming home would end up stressing him up.  He was going to come home to a house without food and water.  My landlord disconnected the water because my rent is in arrears. 

So there is no money for fees, no money for rent, no money for bills, and no money for food.  A few friends have been helping me out with little money for food and I'm eternally grateful to God for their kindness. So, my friends, I’m appealing for your help to at least keep my children in school and if there will be some money left over, I will start a small business.  I have spoken to a few shop keepers around if I can supply them with mandazis and they wanted me to take them a sample but there’s no money to even make the manadazis for the samples.

 There is hope for a tree when it is cut down that it will grow again.  I am like that tree which has been cut down.  But since the roots are still in place, I will grow again and bear fruits and be a shade to others.  It has been raining for a long time, but I know that the rain will one day go away and the sun will shine again.  When this will happen I don’t know but it will shine again.  It is my prayer that one day I will be able to come back on this platform to be a donor.  To reach out to someone out there who will be desperate for help.

 I thank you very much for your generous contributions and may the Lord richly bless you.



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