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Nigel's Medical Bill

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my son, Nigel Moses Omondi,has being ailing for sometime now but recupurated. He developed a pimple like boil behind his ear on Monday,by Wednesday 12th Dec 2018 the swelling had increased to an extent of blocking the airwave,hence being rushed to the ICU and finally having an emergency minor surgery to pave way for him to breath.On 16/12/18 he underwent another surgery as the tbacterial infection had spread even more,he was diagnosed with Nicrotizing fasciitis of the chin down to the throat ,he was  discharged to the ward on 2nd January 2019 after he had shown signs of improvement,Nigel has battled it out ever since,from pressure being very high to being unable to breath on his own, I write this,Nigel is stable and was declared fit to go home and discharged on 22nd February 2019, unfortunately we have being detained by the hospital as the bill has to be paid,Nigel has depleted his insurance and I cannot raise the balance of 5,270,886/= on my own,and as we continue staying here at the hospital,it is still piling up.

In the process of being the sole caregiver I lost my job with no one to approach.

it is my humble request,you stnd with me in both prayers and financial assistance,to enable me see my son discharged from the hospital.

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