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Our team is raising funds to participate in Rhino Charge 2020, the funds are used to protect the water tables in Kenya by fencing the Aberdares and Mt Kenya, .

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Welcome to Rhino Charge Team 10 - Usual Suspects. This is our 2nd year to participate in the Rhino Charge in Kenya, with the youngest team in the competition.

Rhino Charge is one day off-road event where the aim is to drive your 4x4 to as many checkpoints as possible(out of 13), across the most challenging and grueling terrain that Africa has to offer in the shortest possible distance! crazy? yes but Why? To raise money of course!

The funds are raised for the RHINO ARK CHARITABLE TRUST-  the Rhino Charge raises funds for the fencing and maintenance of forests and ecosystems around Kenya's important water catchment areas. The Rhino Ark,  develops sustainable solutions to the challenges facing mountain forest ecosystems and threatened animals and bio diversity areas, through public-private partnerships, more information can be found at http://www.rhinoark.org/

To see some great photos from previous events, check out the Rhino Charge website and gallery at http://www.rhinocharge.co.ke/ 

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