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TNR Trust Trap/Neuter/Release Dog

Eradicate rabies in Kenya, over 2,000 Kenyans die of rabies each year. Mobile clinic rabies jab, sterilization in rural areas.

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Almost every neighbourhood has stray cats and dogs roaming the streets and reproducing endlessly. If left unchecked, numbers can mutliply and diseases, like rabies, can spread uncontrollably to healthy pets and humans. At present, City Council poisons stray animals suspected of having rabies, but this endangers anyone or anything coming into contact with the poisoned bait or the carcass. Through TNR (Trap - Neuter - Release), we capture the stray animal, take it to the vet for neutering, rabies vaccination, de-worming and ear notching. Afterwards, the animals are returned to their original habitat.

Money raised will be used to purchase much-needed traps and cover the cost of veterinary services.

If we all do our bit, we can reduce the population of unwanted, uncared for cats and dogs.

Thank you for your support!

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