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Education For Children In Migori

To help construction of morrey classes as we forward to Change the lives of the community

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Support Smile Again - a community based organization registered at Migori County in southern Kenya.

The organization was registered in 2016 and aims to provide education for children and youth within the local community. 

Since the start of the organization, we have provided free education for children at the age 3-8 years old, who don’t have the means or transportation options to go to a regular school. We started with support from the local Catholic Church, where we have been teaching the kids basic skills of reading and writing. In 2017 we purchased a plot of land and starting building a school for the children, in hopes of also making it a home for orphans and skills building for less advantaged youth in the local community. 

On Monday 7thJanuary 2019 the school opened. The structure of the school has finished, however work is still needed, e.g. a gate, a wheel, doors, a blackboard and proper chairs. 

We are therefore seeking support to do the last bits and pieces, so we can devote all of our attention to the development of the school and programmes within the organization.

All contributions are much appreciated. 

More about the organization – Smile Again
Smile Again is a community based organization registered at Migori County in Kenya. The organization was registered in 2016 by the founder Kennedy Masole and with an aim to provide education for children and youth within the local community. 

The organization currently has a board of fire members. 

Kennedy Masole founded the organization in 2016 with a vision to give back the same support that he himself once received. When he was younger, he received the support of WordVision, who funded him through his education. It is with this in mind, and the gratitude of such support, he would like to provide the same opportunity to children and youth in the local community in Migori. 

Smile Again goals
The organization aims to provide free education for children within the community as well as entrepreneurial skills for less advantaged youth. Kennedy has a background in gardening and farming, which he would like to teach to the local youth.

The program currently running is the free early childhood education. 

Free early childhood education:
The progamme provides free early childhood education for children between 3-8 years old. The school also provides free breakfast and lunch. Subjects are reading, writing and math. There are currently 67 students at the school. 

In the future Smile Again wishes to also provide the local youth with entrepreneurial skills. 

Entrepreneurial skills to less advantaged youths:  
The programme intends to provide gardening and farming skills to less advantaged youth in the area. In particular drop-outs or youth struggling with drug addictions (an increasing problem in the Migori county). 

Youth involved in the programme will for example learn how to grow vegetable in a green house, as well as chicken and bee farming.

The organization aims to be self-sufficient and develop enough agricultural activities to support the food security with the organization. 

Budget for Smile Again (in Kenyan Shilling/KES):
Cement               16.000
Stone                  14.000
Timber                  6.950
Black boards        8.400
Windows             16.000
Doors                   25.000
Plastic chairs       20.000
Gate                    25.000
Labour                 20.000

TOTAL:           151.350 KES 

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