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10 years ago, I did an ultra marathon to raise money to educate a girl who was a victiom of post election violence. Her parents had lost everything. They were left homeless, a well wisher from my village gave them a place to stay. She shared a room with her siblings, 14 of them! She told me her dream was to become a doctor, I had to help. I did my run and raised all the money she needed. All of it. This made me realize ,I can use my passion to change someone else's life, with this Sports For Change was born, a non-profit organization that support education of bright students from humble back grounds. We support both boys and girls, from secondary school through college and university. One out of every 10 students especially from rural areas miss opportunities to join schools they qualify for, just because their parents can not make it. We have helped very deserving girls this year. We do all we can to give this students a right to education just like other children.  We have so far helped more than 30 students, some are working, some are in university and some are still in secondary school. 


Elizabeth the girl who inspired me to start Sports For Change graduated last year with a diploma in clinical medicine, she will be joining university in few months to do a degree in medicine. Her dream is still valid. This is a girl, who would have remained at home, gotten married with no education all and blame others for her misery, but soon she will be ready to serve the world and help her family and her community. He future is now very bright. 


We can not help everyone, but everyone out there with their own small capacity can help us help more deserving students. That why we have come up with a campaign dubbed CLUB 300. We are targeting 300 members to donate only KES 300 a month. You can pay this monthly or annually-KES 3600 kshs annually. This will support our work and allow us to assist MORE brighter and financially disadvantaged students. Yes! By keeping aside only KES 10 a day you can be part of our big success stories. The girls we have helped this year made us realize we need to raise more than school fees. Their parents couldnt afford anything the school asked for. We had to bridge the gap. 


Join Club 300 and be part of this success stories. If you want more details, get intouch through sports.sweat@gmail.com


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