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My name is Julius Mwangi, I have been with Sports For Change for 10 years now. I lost both my parents at a very young age. I lost my dad in class one and my mum in class 8. My mum left with all the hopes I had in life. She also left my 3 younger siblings under my responsibilities. I couldn’t join form one. I had no one to pay for me. My only option was to repeat class 8 just to pass time with other kids. I did casual jobs to feed myself and my siblings. Life was hard. I contemplated suicide at some point. I did my best in school and passed very well. A teacher from my village connected me with Sports For Change, a non-profit organization that support education of bright students from humble back grounds. This changed my life. They supported my throughout high school. My dream was to become an engineer. I achieved this after graduating with a diploma in civil engineering two years ago. Iam who Iam today because Sports For Change believed in me. Iam now an ambassador for Change. 

Sports For Change support  both boys and girls, from secondary school through college and university. One out of every 10 students especially from rural areas, like me,  miss opportunities to join schools they qualify for, just because their parents can not make it. They have so far helped more than 30 students, some are working, some are in university and some are still in secondary school. With more effeort and support, we can help more deserving kids like me and change thier lives. 


Together with other Sports For Change beneficiaries, we have come up a campaign dubbed CLUB 300. We are targeting people with big heart to donate only KES 300 a month. You can pay this monthly or annually-KES 3600 kshs annually. This will support Sports For Change work and assist MORE brighter and financially disadvantaged students. Yes! By keeping aside only KES 10 a day you can be part of our big success stories. 

For more information, you can visit our website www.sports4change.org or email at sports.sweat@gmail.com


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