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Geometrical Sets For A Change

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'When we come together, great things happen' This is the Safaricom slogan. What happens when we decide to get together? That is why we want to invite you on board to extend a helping hand by simply donating a geometrical set. This follows after realizing that some children in the local public primary schools fail to achieve their academic excellence due to lack of simple requirements like a geometrical set. Well it may look simple but to that child struggling in class, it is a huge mountain on his/ her way to succes. We believe that by you donating a little, you will be helping to draw the future of a needy child in the society. Let us push this campaigne forward to achieve the Sustainable Developement Goal number four, that is, attaining quality education in Kenya.

Needless to say, this opportunity will offer a levelised academic grounds for these children to compete favourably with those in well equiped and developed private schools. A closer view of the academic situation in Kenya reveals that most children in public primary schools fail tro do well in their examinatuions not because they are dumb but rather because they do not have the right requirements and materials necessary for undertaking their learning and examinations. So,  just think of how much you will have helped a child by just donating one geometrrical set. Your contributions will be highly appreciated. Thank you.

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