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Daniel Osanya Medical Fund

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Daniel Osanya is a 29-year-old songbird, with a silvery voice and that is not an exaggeration. From a young age, Dan has been serenading family members, friends and members of his church with his polished tenor and unmatched falsetto.  But that is not the only thing unique about him, Dan is also a very gentle and generous man. His demeanor is accommodating and peaceful and his heart is too large for his tall frame. Dan is not only a member of St. Luke's choir, Holy Trinity Buruburu Catholic Church, but he is also a volunteer with Faraja Cancer Support Trust, working alongside his band members to conduct music therapy sessions to children at Kenyatta National Hospital's pediatric oncology ward 1e.  

In addition, Dan is part of an artistic and social expression movement "In Moving Cultures" founded by Honduran Artiste Wanny Angerer. As a partner of Moving Cultures, he would regularly visit Tushangilie Kenya/Shangilia Mtoto children’s home and sing with the hopeful kids, urging them to never give up and live their best life.

His life, however, took a drastic turn when in December 2018, during the Christmas holidays, he began to feel a numbing sensation on his right hand. He brushed it off thinking it was a side effect of playing a lot of instruments over the festive season but the numbness persisted, moving from his hands to his legs. This prompted him to see a doctor who ordered for a CT scan of his brain. The results were negative. The doctor then asked for an MRI of his spine which revealed a tumor between the C5 and C7 vertebrae of his spinal code. 

In a matter of weeks Dan's numbness has quickly progressed to partial paralysis and he is now confined to a wheelchair and on full bedside care. 

His neurosurgeon has requested for urgent emergency surgery to remove the tumor, release the pressure on his spine and finally conduct a biopsy to confirm whether or not the growth is malignant.

His surgery will cost USD 18,000 (kSHS 1.8 Million) and will be conducted at Aga Khan University Hospital by renowned neurosurgeon Dr. Qureshi. 

Dan's situation is very dire and time is of the essence. The longer we wait the more incapacitated he becomes. We urgently need your financial assistance to help Dan get back on his feet again and do what he does best...sing.

For donors within Kenya, we have set up an M-Changa platform that allows for mobile money deposits and direct transfers by PayPal. Please send to MPESA PayBill Option> Business Number: 891300 Account Name: 30567.  It is a free platform and there are no charges so donate as much as you can.

For overseas Donors we have a Go Fund Me Page, please click here ( https://www.gofundme.com/daniel-osanya?teamInvite=LNb2hFPUgzYUbvTIahr74dpsXzpAiTNrfi8mrXQ741yRP77f14WRahnWXsBh15Wb) 

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