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Memorial For Jason Spindler

Jason believed in fighting for economic opportunity--join us in cementing his legacy.

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On January 15at 3:30pm, our son, brother, friend, colleague, startup co-founder and 9/11 survivor Jason Spindler was killed in a terrorist attack at DusitD2 Hotel, while taking a lunch break from another hard day at work at his company I-DEV International. 

Jason was an inspiration to us all to aspire to only the best, to never settle, to never take the easy road and to always focus on fighting for what you believe in - no matter the cost. Jason believed in fighting for economic opportunity, strengthening emerging markets, boosting small businesses and startups to drive greater opportunity for all...and ironically, with the intention of growing these things to combat the drivers of terrorism, warring and hatred. (If he were here now, he'd be working non-stop to provide emergency support at 14 Riverside, as he did when he responded to 9/11 in New York years ago).

He didn't personally win this battle, but his life and work is not in vain. 

We ask that you support this fund so that we can continue the legacy of Jason to strengthen economies in emerging markets to create greater opportunities. We will be supporting projects that support entrepreneurs in these economies. A cause that Jason lost his life working hard to fight for. 

Jason is on the right side of history, and the memory of his achievements will be part of the DNA of a much better world. We will not allow this to deter us from a positive vision of Kenya and emerging markets. 


The Spindler Family

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