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Laying Winnie To Rest

Thank you all for your prayers, encouragement and financial support. We laid Winnie to rest on Jan 28th. The paybill will close today. Blessings.

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By Justus Siage, Sydney, Australia (brother)

Only a few days in, but 2019 has already thrown my family and I the most trying experience imaginable.

In the morning of Friday 11th January 2019, a police officer knocked on my door to deliver the most shocking and incredible news – they had the body of my elder sister Winnie Siage. She was only 28!

So, who is Winnie?

Well, let me give you a bit of background on this remarkable life that the world has lost too soon.

You see, Winnie was a real "go-getter" millennial who in 2010 left a comfy life under mum and dad's roof in Kenya at the very start of her adulthood to grow up quickly and build her life a million miles from home. Yes! Literally a million miles from home - she went to become a nurse in Sydney Australia. 

I don't know if nursing is what she really wanted to do with herself... she didn't seem to have much of an appetite for patients’ families’ dramas nor the workplace politics that she did everything to avoid. As a nurse, she was like a plumber with a weak stomach! Operating Theater was therefore the only place she loved to work in, as she said, the patients were knocked out, their families were out of the way and the surgeons were always doing cool stuff. Happy days! No Dramas!

Did I already say Winnie was a brave "go-getter"? Ok, I'll say it again - Winnie lived her life off a bucket-list! Top on her list was to change some lives, backpack around the world and spend every summer day at the beach.

To achieve this, she had to put in time at work. So, she did and worked tirelessly to afford the lifestyle she wanted.

Fortunately for her, in her short years she was able to tick off all her bucket-list items - something not many can lay claim to with way more years than her. Winnie lived her life to the fullest.

My younger sister Grace and I are testament to the many lives she transformed.


This M-Changa drive has therefore been setup to assist the family lay  Winnie to rest on Jan 28th 2019 (tentative date). The money raised will go directly to the family to assist with funeral expenses in Kenya.

A Star has fallen...the world has lost a treasure but her legacy lives on. Thank you for your assistance in helping us lay Winnie to rest.

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