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My Sister's Keeper

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?Most organizations and governments are supporting girls by donating sanitation pads but none has addressed themselves to the fact that some girls from poor communities cannot even afford a changing pant and that their menstrual cycle are irregular and come unannounced especially girls in primary schools. When the menses comes while in school and they soil/stain their clothes they are laughed at and ridiculed by boys and even girls in the same class. Due to our lifestyle, girls mature early. 


Research carried out by Peace Warriors a women led organization operating in all 47 counties of Kenya shows that 80% of the girls at their maturation stage have irregular menses and most are caught unawares while in class. As such, My Sister's Keeper initiative by Peace Warriors seeks to raise funds to construct Girl's room for the girls to freshen up when they are caught unawares and a place where they can rest for a while in case of stomach cramps after taking pain killers. The rooms will be equipped with a spare set of uniform, soap, basins, towels, extra panties, sanitary pads, dustbin, and jericans of water for the rural areas / shower and a bed. We wish to construct at least one of these rooms in each of the 47 counties of Kenya.


Girls will be trained by Peace Warriors on small income generating projects to maintain the supplies in the rooms to keep girls in school and to demystify this natural issue that has been taken as a taboo for so long.


Your donation will be for a good cause because the small girls are leaving school due to this shame and they end up looking for the same in the wrong places. Many end up pregnant, infected, dropping out of school or death in case of abortion. Let us keep our sisters in school and very comfortable.


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