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Jazz's Treatment

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Hi All,

Thank you for visiting our fundraiser. We’re raising money for the Treatment of Jasmine Ng’endo Wachira who was born on 20th January 2018. Jazz is a beautiful, loveable and addictive ball of energy. But lately she’s been having a hard time being herself, and enjoy being a baby.

Jazz was recently diagnosed with Inflamed Adenoids. Which are as a result of either an infection or allergy. Resulting to be very discomforting, especially for a baby who’s 11months 2weeks old.

Adenoids are tissues located in the passage that connects the back of the nasal cavity and the throat. They’re present during birth and begin to shrink when the child is at the age of 7years. The purpose of Adenoids in the body is to block away Viruses and Bacteria from infecting either the Nasal Cavity or the Throat. However, when the Adenoids themselves get infected, they tend to swell up and can cause quite the discomfort. That is labored breathing, snoring, blocked and stuffy nose, sore throat, difficulty swallowing, swollen glands, cracked lips and dry mouth, along with sleep apnea.

This has forced us to take Jazz to several medical outlets, seeing different practitioners and specialists hoping to curb what has been ailing Jazz. She’s been treated for infections, tested and treated as an Asthma patient, all before we could get to the bottom of the problem.

Now knowing the problem, we proceeded to get treatment. More antibiotics and nasal steroids, with the hope that the swollen Adenoids will shrink away. Unfortunately for us, that hasn’t been the case. She has had to have an Endoscope driven down her precious little button nose, which was extremely painful and overall discomforting. We now need to put together enough money for her to have Throat X-rays, surgery and medication.

The sad part is, the mother and I, along with some of our really close friends have run out of resources and are now to find the means to provide for Baby Jazz’s Treatment.

Thus far, the most affordable option for an Adenoidectomy, has been Nairobi West Hospital, where the estimated cost for the surgery alone, is about Kes. 120,000. That is minus admission, medication, and aftercare.

Hence why we’re appealing to you to help us, however you can, to help us brighten up Jasmine again.

Kindly share amongst your circles, and whatever you can find it within you to contribute towards Jazz’s treatment will be highly appreciated.

From Jazz’s family and closest friends, we say Thank You in Advance.


Baby Jazz has just seen the lead ENT specialist at Kenyatta National Hospital and he confirms that it is a Medical Emergency. He states that is  a miracle that she is even breathing because her respiratory area is blocked.However the good news is  that the doctor has recommended Alliance Medical Center where the operation will be done and the cost will be slashed close to half using the help of NHIF. The cost of the Operation will be Kshs. 80,000/= .We are now appealing to raise atleast Kshs. 30,000/= inorder to cater for the defisist. 

Thank you so much for your support as we continue to raise money and pray for Baby Jasmine's quick recovery.We will keep you updated on the progress.God Bless.

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