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I need your assistance to raise fees of Up to KES 350,000/- to be able to take the course in Social Innovation Management. Donate from as little as KES 10/-

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I have been looking to go to school for a while for something inline with my social entrepreneurship ventures. Since 2016, I have been part of an initiative that holds Yoga sessions within Prisons (see www.peacewithinprisonyoga.com ). The aim is to provide holistic wellness for both inmates and officers. In that time there has been a gap in the number of non discrimanatory out of prison options for persons after serving their term. Peace within Prison Yoga is looking to start a program that will assist with the transition from prison to enable successful and sustainable reintegration into society. 

As the Outreach coordinator at Peace within Prison Yoga (A volunteer position); I would like to be better equiped in managing this kind of social program hence I applied for the Amani Institute's Post Graduate Certificate in Social Innovation Management. I sincerely look towards the assistance that you may be able to give towards me taking the course.

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