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Esther Akinyi Awouth University Fee

Esther, an orphan live with 9 siblings in Kibera slum, is pursuing Bach. of Educ Arts, Kenyatta Univ. from 2013 but dropped April 17 due to fees while in 3rd yr

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Esther Akinyi Awouth a second born, an orphan who lives with her 8 siblings in Kibera, Nairobi. She is pursuing a Bachelor of Education - Arts degree at Kenyatta University. She joined the Unversity in 2013, five years ago and deferred her studies in April 2017 due to lack of school fees. 

Esther's family is well known to me, my family and the Church for many years. She is full of determination. Her first born sister managed to complete her studies and now has an entrypoint job. There third born has just completed her high school. In 2019, 3 of her siblings will be in high school while 3 others will be in primary school. This has been possible through well wishers who have been supporting pay their school fees. 

Come January 2019, Esther who is currently in third year, first semester of her four years study is hopeful that she can go back to University and break for her teaching practice from May to August 2019. Her last semester in in September 2019. This will not only be a great achievement for Esther but a big win for her siblings and her community who will greatly benefit from an empowered Esther. 

The story of Esther and family cannot be compelete without a mention of their constant push to better their live. She has been selling second hands clothes in the streests of Kibera slums to try and raise some cash. ''Most of the days i make around KShs 100 (1USD) that i need to complement meeting vast family needs like food and clothing'' says Esther who is so determined to complete the University.    

When someone offers a fishing rod, for sure that the best way to uplift the family and break the cycle. This ofcourse cannot be achieved without offering fish for the day. Together we can make a lasting difference to this family and many more that this family will impact. 



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