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Brian's High School Fundraiser

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Hello, my name is Samuel Nyayiemi Miruka and I live in Kairo Village, Zanzibar. I own a small tourist shop on the beach but recently the government has been planning to remove shops from the beach so now it is harder for me to earn money. So I am trying to raise money for my 13 year old son, Brian Miruka Samuel, to attend Moi High School Gesusu located in Kisii, Kenya.


Brian scored very well on his KCPE (Kenya Certificate of Primary Education) and he now has the chance to attend one of the best national high school’s in Kenya. In order to afford the attendance, Brian needs to pay $1000 by January 5th to be able to start his secondary school education.


For one year, the ministry fees cost 53,544.00 Kenyan Shillings (approx. $530) and additional materials (mattress, sheets, blanket, books, soap, shoes, and more) will cost about $500. You can see here the picture of a list of what we need to buy. I want my son to go to school so that he can have more opportunities in his future. I want to thank you for donating to my son’s education. Asante sana.


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