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Help us Raise funds for orphans and needy children at Nakuru Dumping site for food and Education Programs

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Echoes of Hope Community was started after seeing the needs of many children flocking in streers of Nakuru and Nakuru Gioto dumping site, EOHC strives hard to bring back the spirit of hope in the lives of children,youth, and young adults in need by alleviating barriers and helping them reach their full potential, we desire to see change, we value humanity and God gave us opportunity to also share His love to others. 

Our main goal as EOHC Is to touch lives and chnaging them through our donations,couseling and Education program which is the most important thing,giving a child education and skills is a life time investment thst one could gibe to someone.

We are a group on individuals who decided to unite and help these great leaders who are suffering now in streets and dumping sites as well homes who are orphans.

We must be the change we wish to see in the world-Mahatma Gandhi

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