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Hey guys I have started a fundraising to help our school educate an African child to achieve their dreams and raise a conscious generation .

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This project is aimed at supporting a Kenyan student by giving  them the right diet in school , providing better hygenic conditions definitely because  this is what will yield good results. We also plan to provide  clothes and a number of basic needs for the orphans and economically challenged and most importantly quality education. This will be achieved  by raising funds to build enough classrooms,, buying books,computers ,Tv and other stationery for the children . 

We also plan to have the right windows for our classes especially in this chilly conditions where children are exposed to cold , flu , malaria and other harsh weather related infections.

Over the last two years our school has experienced a major blow especially financially and its been hectic to run the school which in its capacities has still tried to thrive in the hardships 
We have also faced sucker punches when we loose a number of students who are the main supporter of the school since there's very minimal external financing .
We need to repair our windows which are totally open to wind and rain during harsh rainy conditions  and students are also exposed to the scorching sun during hot seasons of the year , we also need to a proper latrine and fence for the school and with this we're pretty sure our school will bounce back to where its supposed to be our mission being to raise a strong ,concious and well educated generation of Africans who have all along been potrayed as corrupt ,warlords and poor .
This project will engage alot of repairing of some structures and building others from scratch , we need a good financing for this and we are sure our school will regain its academic giant status as it is in the records , once again and we can be able to spring a generation of well educated Kenyans right from the slums we have around . We are also planning to buy a piece of land which is a very important resource which will help us widen the school and build more structures of the correct standard to pull more students which will obviously boost the school 
In Kenya today , every parent wishes for the right learning conditions for his or her kid .
This project will help eradicate poverty, arrogance, and illiteracy in the community. They will be independent in future able to create opportunities for themselves .The bottomline is to improve a kenyan student life both socially and economical
$5 will provide enough exercise books for a student each term
$10 will buy a schoolbag for one needy child
$20 will provide 100 orphans with learning materials 
$30 will provide 1orphans with 2 nutrition  meals monthly 
$50 will provide5 orphans with 1 pair of Uniforms 
$1000 will buy materials for fixing container classrooms window panes
$50000 will enable the project to purchase land for the school
$500 will buy 10000 litre  water tank and water storage




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