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Francis Musyoka Nzuki Hospital Bill

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My name is Kenneth Kimani from Nairobi Kenya. I got to know Francis through his sister Jacinta Nzuki. I work in the Jua Kali sector in Nairobi and I got to know Jacinta through her shirt business where she hawks shirts for a living. Her brothers illness begun sometime last year where he started having difficulty speaking; appearing like his tongue was getting heavier and heavier, upto that point where he was totally unable to talk. He was taken to several hospitals like consolata Mathari and St. Marys Langata who reffered him to The Kenyatta National Hospital. At KNH several tests were done, but they could not understand what was going on with him as the tests yielded nothing. Although he was not in pain, he also lost the ability to swallow solid food and he begun deteriorating. Jacinta decided to try Kijabe hospital who continued with tests. Upon being done one of the tests, (endoscopy) it is suspected that a nurve was damaged because after this test he started having difficulty breathing on his own. He was transfered to the Intensive care unit and placed on a ventilator machine to help him breath. While in the ICU, the staff would occationally removing him from the ventilator machine and even walk him around the room to help him practice breathing on his own.

Francis' stay in ICU was not very pleasant for Jacinta because they were constantly pressuring her to produce money which she did not have. They occasionally threatened that they would remove Francis from the venitlator if she did not bring money. They also pressured her to sign a document to allow them to remove him from the ventilator which she refused to do. He was neither unconsious nor uncoherent and would many times get dismayed with these conversations that were going on right infront of him as he understood the situation he was in. He would communicate with Jacinta through hand signs how he felt and how they were treating him. On the day of his death, Francis had been removed from the ventilator and was getting his exercise. He was sat down and remained off the ventilator for some hours until he begun having difficulties breathing again. Jacinta pleaded witht he ICU staff to put him back on the ventilator, but they said that they had had an emergency and that there was not another ventilator available for him. They treated Jacinta so bad with claims that they were not going to put francis back onto a ventilator because he was not getting better anyway and to make matters worse for Francis, she did not have money. Her please and tears fell on deaf ears and the staff even moved him to the HDU, a lesser unit than the ICU, where he died. He had ran up a bill of close to 2.5 million shillings. NHIF agreed to pay 500,000/- that leave a balance of about 1.7 Million. The hospital has since held onto his Body until such a time when this bill is cleared. His elderly mother is under so much stress and does not understand why they will not let her bury her son. Whatever we attempted to raise here went either to paying for tests or bus fare for Jacinta to get to the hospital to check on her brother while he was admitted.

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