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Bethsaida Children Center is located in Soweto Kayole Nairobi, an informal settlement area known as a slum. The slums are everything but child-friendly and very unsafe to especially younger children.

There is little or no access to water, electricity, basic services and infrastructure. There is a lot of alcohol- and drug abuse and many other criminal activities going on in the slums that a child should never be exposed to. Most slum children more so the orphaned find life very difficult and cannot access basic needs like shelter and food or even get the chance to go to school because they have to work to provide for their livelihood to simply survive. 

This is where Mama Beth of Beth Saida children center comes in to offer refuge to the dozens of children who would otherwise be lost. The children live in the center but attend the neighboring public schools.

Education is Free in Kenya; However there are still conditions one must fulfil before they can be allowed to public school. In public schools, students are required to wear a uniform. Basic school supplies (school uniforms, books, exams fees) are often too expensive for the care takers of the children to raise on their own thus the need for good hearted fundraisers to come in and lend a helping hand so these children get an opportunity to attend school and work on their future.

Each and every penny raised is used solely for the purpose of facilitating a livelihood for the children at the center and the educational requirements of the kids.

Here is how your gift will impact them:

  • $5-$30 Toward school supplies,Toiletries, Food, School Uniform, Exam fee for a child,
  • $30-$60 Toward Bedsheets, comforters, First Aid and Medical Materials
  • $80-$150- Toward a Bed and Mattress, Mess area seats and tables.
  • $300 – Water tank that houses and  Supplies Daily water to the center for drinking, showers, and cleaning
  • $150 – 1 qtr school term fee for a  boy child. $200 for girl child
  • $450- Full year school term fee for a boy child. $600 for girl child.
Thank you so much in advance. No amount donated is too small. God Bless you.


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