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How it all started: Several weeks back I was doing research on Kenyan crafts and I couldn’t find a comprehensive resource. My initial frustration turned into Crafting Kenya, a project that seeks to create a comprehensive resource on Kenyan crafts. In launching this project, I am hopeful that I will receive extensive support due to the project’s obvious benefits to Kenya and Kenyans.

The Project: Culture remains one of Africa’s greatest, yet untapped, assets. The accelerating pace of urbanization and global cultural exchanges that could potentially erode local cultures indicates a clear and urgent need for preservation. This September I’ll travel with a professional photographer throughout Kenya for a month, documenting Kenya's diverse traditional crafts. I’ll also look to collect the stories behind the crafts, the inspiration for their colors and symbols, and the materials and techniques used. The idea is to capture Kenya’s wealth of crafts in images and words. Preservation needn’t be a long and bureaucratic process. Neither should preservation and creativity be mutually exclusive. Perhaps the best kind of preservation is one that transforms culture in its raw form into cultural symbols, products and images that remain present in our everyday lives, as opposed to living in documents in dusty archives that few have access to.

Immediate Benefit: The final project delivery, a professionally designed, digital compilation of Kenya’s crafts, will be provided to universities in Kenya, The National Museums of Kenya, and the Kenya Tourism Board. We will also look into organizing a public exhibition at one of the Nairobi-based cultural institutions.

Thinking Long-Term: Around the globe, creative and cultural industries are increasingly recognized for their significant economic and social impact. Africa’s indigenous cultures, if preserved and leveraged strategically, could be a great source of valuable material and inspiration to power economically vibrant creative and cultural industries. I see this project as a small but important contribution towards this vision.

How the funds will be spent: Funds raised will be used for operational expenses only. Such expenses include car rental and petrol for 21-30 days, salary for an experienced driver; accommodation (21-30 days); local flights to get the project team to some parts of Kenya e.g. Turkana; data organization and design costs; communication and coordination costs on the ground.
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