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Back To School

Hi guys I've started a fundraiser on M-Changa to raise money for Back To School

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I am a young lady from Kenya with a dream of going back to school and support my family. In order to achieve that, I came up with the idea of making snacks called rolex and selling them to other people so as to raise the money and go back to school.
This however hasn't been easy. I would like to be funded so that I can afford a place to sell them from and also getting the ingredients; which sometimes I lack. My goal is to go back to school before the year ends.


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Dial: *483*57*28820#

Paybill: 891300

Account: MORAGWA


Business Name: MCHANGA

Reference: MORAGWA

Business Number: 891300

Account Number: MORAGWA

Dial: *160*2*1#

Paybill: 891300

Account: 28820

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