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Nikitta didn't make it. She passed away in a foreign land. Help me to bring her back home to rest next to her grandmother. God bless you

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Nikitta a once bubbly and lively child is now in a hospital bed and won't be able to sit for her end year exam.

It all started with rapid weight gain then came the sleepiness even during the day it was difficult for her to stay awake.she then started losing her memory and getting confused. This was followed by severe headache especially in the morning headache that would not go away even after taking strong painkillers.she started vomiting up to five times in a day. Several trips to different clinics and health centers didn't help and her condition kept worsening. We saw a pediatrician who suggested that we get a head CT scan done.this was when it was diagnosed that Nikitta has a rare kind of brain tumor known as craniopharyngioma that is already in advance stage.she requires urgent surgery to remove the tumor as it is already causing fluid to buildup in her brain.. this causes pressure to her brain and is already affecting her eyes which are now crossed and her balance sometime she cannot stand up on her own.

Surgery will cost about 900,000-1.2 million Kenya shillings. An amount I cannot afford.friends and relatives are already helping to raise funds but we are not even quarter way there.

Help me get treatment for my daughter.help Nikitta get her life back.whatever amount you can spare will go a long way in helping us.

Thank you and God bless you

Lorna Omwango(mama Nikitta)


Unfortunately Nikitta didn't make it. She passed away after months of suffering. She died away from home in Germany where we went to seek treatment. We need help to bring her home for burial 

Help me to bring my child back home.

God bless you 

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