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Smile Children Food Drive

Support towards food items at Smile Children's Home Soweto Slums.May God Bless You!

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It's fascinating how a smile can create a bond between two or more people. It opens hearts and digs deep into souls, filling them with compassion towards the other person. The chemistry of how  it manifests creating a chemical reaction is a discussion for another day but wait. Did Smile Community center find the science behind a smile? We have been able to supply a dose of it among the children we host in the center, it might not be a full dose due to a number of challenges but it's better than nothing.


We believe in living a holistic life and that's why we provide shelter, food, clothing and education to kids who are left orphaned due to diseases or being abandoned in the streets by their parents. We have a child (Givens Mwangi) who was rescued from the street at breast feeding stage but now he is grown, it has been 3 and half years under our care. 


It's not always a smooth road due to lack of enough resources but we strive to do our best through the help of well wishers.


All our efforts have not been in vain since we sleep knowing well that 30 kids can live a normal life under our care and our feeding programs to more than 300 streets kids gives hope to them since we not only feed them but also encourage, and fill them with hope to push for a better tomorrow.


Through these efforts we have seen a number of kids rise up to the occasion with good performance in school and the choices they have made; Some are learning soft skills to get employment or better creating it, others have joined universities and the best thing is that all of them have shun away from crime. A good example of our success story is lawrence Muema, an alumnae of our centre who scored a mean grade of B+ in KCSE. He received a university placement to study Bachelor of Science(Industrial Chemistry).  He together with Abel Wanami who is currently studying bachelor of science in metrology at the University of Nairobi are currently teaching at the center as a way of giving back. 


Our aim has always been to create opportunities for these children. We thank God for that but now we're caught up with Covid19. Our resources are now overstretched since we  have to support the community that hosts us. Some of the community members have lost sources of income, some have become ill and depressed. In the midst of these struggles they find solace in the center. They come for help and we cannot turn a blind eye. We help them by providing food and other basic necessities that we can lay our hands on.


We believe we can do more through your help and prayers. Help us make the children  and the less fortunate around the center smile through these tough times.

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