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Contribute towards the construction of a home for OVCs at SCC Children Home in Soweto Slums.From Ksh.20 to Ksh.10,000 whatever you can manage is big.

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This fundraiser is aimed at raising funds towards the construction of a permanent building for smile community Centre children's home in Soweto Slums. The home directly supports 25 children with basic needs and education (Primary and secondary).It also indirectly supports over 300 children through seasonal food and mentorship programs.

Here's a short story from the founder of smile community centre children's home.

I'm Margret, the founder of SCC.I have both parents. Mother and Father. However I grew up in a very hostile environment when my parents separated. We were all girl children in our family and my father never valued a girl child according to cultural beliefs. That was the main reason for separation. When our parents separated my mother moved with us to western Kenya where life was very different in my world. I always grew up knowing grass thatched houses belonged to cattle but I was surprised to see people living in such houses.

Living was very difficult. I walked bare foot taking care of my grandfather’s cattle which were in hundreds. Child labor was the way of life which later affected my spinal cord and bed ridden for several years as an adult but I thank God he gave me strength to walk again.

As a young girl I always envisioned of a better place where orphaned and vulnerable children can live well and go to school. That is why I founded SCC children's home after working helping in many children cases in the informal settlements of Nairobi.

The SCC children home has been formally operational since 2015 and has become a safe haven for vulnerable children in the informal settlements, who are mostly abandoned and others orphaned by HIV & AIDS. The Centre runs with support of well-wishers. The home is a rental space which we converted from a dumpsite of an old building. See the details here http://www.smilecommunitycentre.org/smile-children-s-home-kenya.html

We have launched this Campaign to build a better place equipped with a library ,room for infants, office, bedrooms ,kitchen among others so that we can extend better support to more children.

Join us by giving your support today to make this goal a reality.

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