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Lights for learning by necf

Hi, NECF has started a fundraiser on M-Changa to raise funds to support 200 children at Elerai Primary School in rural Kenya with solar lights.

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200 kids at a primary school in Narok, in rural Kenya, need your help!

With no electricity in their Maasai “manyattas” (traditional homes), they try to complete their homework at night by light from the cooking fire or by a kerosene lantern. During the daytime they are usually occupied with chores after school. Their academic performance is largely undermined due to lack of proper and adequate lighting.

It is these children the Nancy Ellen Crooks Foundation seeks to help.

Since 2012, the Foundation has provided 1,900 families in more than 60 rural school communities – about 9,800 children - with solar lights. Their testimonials are proof of the positive impact of solar lights on their lives. When we provide solar lights to the 200 kids and their siblings, we can ensure 800 kids complete their homework in a safer and cleaner environment. Lives are transformed! 

Join us! Be part of the change. 

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