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Hannah Njeri Heart Surgery Appeal

Little Njeri Macharia from Limuru urgently needs your help to allow her undergo an open heart surgery in India. Your gift and contribution will save a life!

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My lovely 6 year old daughter Njeri has been recently diagnosed with down syndrome with complete AVSD and severe PAH. 

A complete AVSD causes pulmonary hypertension (high pressure of blood in the lung arteries), and an operation will need to be performed before the lungs are damaged. This operation is open heart surgery, which means that the heart will need to be stopped and opened to repair it. A heart bypass machine will take over the job that the heart normally does.

In simple terms, she has a hole between the atria and between the ventricles, a serous heart condition and is in urgent need of a corrective surgery which the doctors at Kenyatta National Hospital say cannot be done locally and have therefore recommended that she travels to India for surgery. 

The length of time in hospital will be atleast 2 weeks, of which one or two will be spent in the intensive care and high dependency units. Of course this depends on how well she will respond to treatment and whether any complications arise.

We are currently looking at a staggering bill of Kshs. 2 million shillings to cater for her treatment including surgery costs, medical supplies and travel.

We have some hope, and that hope is you. You can help us save her life. Through your generous support, we will be able to afford the medical care that she urgently needs. 

We also ask you to include little Njeri in your prayers.


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