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Ian koome alias "toto" is a 13 years old child being brought up by a single mother in Ngenia Laikipia County. The child had been suffering from various unhealthy symptoms since he was born.It was later discovered in 2015 that he had a congenital heart disease  known as Pulmonary Arthresia. The child is not able to handle day to day activities of a child his age.He is in class two while kids his age are in class eight.He experiences episodes of general fatigue after simple activities like walking.At his age his mother often has to carry him uphill to a school in the neighbourhood.Ian has been admitted in both meru district hospital back in 2015 and was later transferred to Kenyatta National Hospital.He was later discharged and the mother was advised that the child needed advanced medical care.one of the health care methods was Cardiac Catheterization which was and is still expensive for his single mother who is raising two other children.According to expert medics including a local cardiologist,the kid requires isolated Atrial Septal repair which can only be done through surgery.The surgery is estimated at a total cost of 1.5 million kenya shillings.we appeal to all well wishers who will get to hear our cry to help us. Help Ian to get advanced medical help that will help him lead a normal life.

okolea toto!!  okolea toto!!

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