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Mama Margaret Medical Appeal

Please help keep Mama Margaret on dialysis for two months only

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Our mother, Mama Margaret, suffered a severe bout of high blood pressure, and was admitted at Coast General hospital, Mombasa. While at the hospital, the doctors found that the blood pressure had damaged her kidneys and had to put her on dialysis. As she did not have medical insurance, the family had to struggle and raise money to meet the cost of treatment. She was treated for two weeks, discharged, then was re-admitted for another one and a half weeks. 

She has now been discharged, but needs to go for dialysis twice a week. Each session costs 8,000 shillings. 6,000 for the dialysis process and 2,000 for a medication that is administered during the dialysis. After her discharge, she has registered with the national health insurance (NHIF), but the cover does not pay immediately upon registration. A new member has to wait for two months before the insurer starts paying for treatment.

After struggling with the hospital bills, the family has run out of funds, and needs help to meet the cost of dialysis for the two months before the medical insurance takes over the payments. Mama Margaret has already missed one session (29th August), and might miss other sessions if she does not receive some assistance. With her kidneys not working, and her family out of funds, she needs you to keep her alive for two months, then the insurance cover will start paying. The total amount required is 128,000 shillings (8,000 per session for 16 sessions). Your assistance will be gratefully accepted

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