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Ryan's Stem Cell Treatment In India

Help Ryan live an independent life through stem cell therapy treatment in India. 'Cerebral palsy can't stop Ryan'

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Help Ryan live an independent life. Let's not allow cerebral palsy stop Ryan.

Ryan is a 6yrs baby boy whose brain was damaged during birth and has lived with Cerebral palsy condition since birth, this was the result of a delayed and prolonged labour during the 2012 December doctors strike.

Ryan has been under medication to prevent seizures since birth to date and under intense occupational therapy and physiotherapy, he uses several assistive devices to assist him manage the condition.

He has weak limbs, muscles and poor body coordination. 

We thank God for the new treatment called stem cell therapy in India which is meant to improve the kids lives. We fully believe that this is the best treatment we could ever provide baby Ryan with.

We see the possibility of this repairing the brain damage that caused his C.P which could also allow him do things simple as sit, stand and walk independently, have his speech improved to a point he can actually tell us what he wants or needs, get off some of his medication and not have to miss out or be limited on things in life due to his disability as well as join a normal school next year.

Your donation means a lot to Ryan's life.

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