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Angela Kaguara Medical Fund

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On 30th of April 2018, Angela Kaguara was diagnosed at the Nairobi Hospital with cancer of the breast. Her CT scan report stated sighting 8(8)pulmonary nodules that needed immideate treatment. Chemotherapy treatment was commensed at a different hospital with therapies being carried out every three weeks. Another biopsy report showed the cancer is HER2 type that is very aggressive promoting change of drugs used. The treatment sessions are costing over Ksh250000 each, with 16 more to go. Angela, a mother of a 5 year old son has been medically advised to seek treatment in India. She will undergo evaluation test, surgery and radio therapy which will require Ksh 2000000 (USD 20000), while drugs will cost Ksh 4.5 Million (USD 45000) there are other costs that will accrue from travel: food, outpatient ,accommodation for a period of two months. As family, we are persuing on ways to meet those costs that addition amount to Kshs 1.3 million

We humbly request you to walk with us through this difficult journey by supporying Angela's Cancer treatment.

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