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Help us give the gift of reading (basic literacy) to 100,000 young people across Kenya. #KUSOMATUFOUNDATION

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Kusoma Tu is a  Swahili phrase meaning just reading.

We believe that a person who knows how to read can educate themselves in any area of life they are interested in. At Kusoma Tu Trust, we invest our time, energy and resources to support adolescents, youths and adults who have low literacy skills and help them learn how to read.

7.7 million Kenyans are illiterate and each year about 94,000 students leave primary school illiterate.This is unfortunate since the most basic tasks in our society today require that we can atleast read and write. We have been working with 6 schools and juvinile homes in Nairobi and have heard many amazing stories that continue to fuel our passion. Here is Felix's story. https://kusomatutrust.org/2016/11/24/felix_testimonial/

We envision a world where people are functionally literate in their societies. It is a big task but not an impossible one.Teaching adolescents and youths is a bit different from teaching kids. As such, we have developed a phonic and sensory based reading scheme consisting of training manuals, student workbooks, storybooks, flash cards, puzzles, games and visual learning resources all contextualized to the African setting.

We need Ksh. 6 Million to publish the reading materials. We need you to support us in raising this money that will help us to continue giving the gift of reading to as many individuals as possible.

A financial gift of any amount will be highly appreciated. 

We shall also have a 100KM walk (from Nairobi to Magadi) in September. Should you want to join us for walk, kindly call 0727172332.

For more information visist: https://kusomatutrust.org/


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