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Please support me complete medical school. I praise God for you being my friends.

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My name is Weldon Kipkorir Kirui. A UWC- Pearson College, Canada, alumni. I graduated from Dartmouth in 2011 with a degree in Chemistry and I am currently a fourth year medical student in the Kenyatta National Hospital at the University of Nairobi School of Medicine in Kenya. I am pursuing an MBCHB (Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery), and am writing to request financial support for completing my studies.

    Since I began pursuing this degree in September 2012, I have received financial support mostly from the Dartmouth and Upper Valley Community. There has not been any single permanent supporter, and instead I have relied on a variety of donations from different people, and in particular have received support from a particular family from Norwich, VT. This is because I come from a family of 11 children with a very humble financial background, which has been further aggravated by the post election violence of 2007. Because of our financial restrictions, I am the only person in our family who has been lucky enough to come this far in my education.  


    The reason for my desire to become a physician has been because of my experience growing up in a village in the Rift Valley Maasai community, over 2 hours from the nearest town, Kilgoris. We currently have 1 doctor for over 100 thousand people who are distributed in a very wide rural area.  And currently, there are only 6(six) percent of hospitals in Kenya having qualified medical personel most of whom are based in Nairobi, the capital city. This doctor has been based in Nairobi, which is 7 hours from Kilgoris, and only comes to Kilgoris for infrequent short visits. I have always wanted to fill this need for medical care by having the education to address both individual and community health issues. If I can complete this medical degree, it would be an enormous resource for my community.

    I currently have two(2) semesters left in my schooling before I complete my degree to become a licensed physician. I have been doing very well, earning distinction in many courses and rotations, but I am running out of options for financial support. I am currently in need of  $3888 dollars per semester for tuition, and $1750 per semester for room and board.

    I would be grateful for any amount of support that you could offer to help me complete medical school.

    Weldon Kipkorir Kirui
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