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Support John Makongo and Esther Shilwacho's wedding,your contribution is highly appreciated

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Dear Friends, we John Makongo and Esther silwacho, would like to ask for your support towards our upcoming wedding which will take place on November 2014 in Eldoret county,Kenya,we are requesting for your contribution , whatever your heart feels to help is appreciated.

Our target on this fund-raising is ksh350, 000 and any of your input be it 10/= is an additional towards our upcoming event, help us to achieve this long awaited dream. Esther and John have known each other for one and half years now and we decided to take this relationship further and we decided to get married after we felt we are meant for each other, please friends help us fulfil this dream.

Any help you feel to contribute is very much appreciated. Esther and I have both endured many challenges and struggles in life, and sharing these things with each other has brought us close together into a strong spiritual bond, Supported by God’s grace, inspiration and love, we know in our hearts that we are meant to be together for life.

 Esther has been challenged with health issues and I have also struggled throughout my life, from living as an orphan on the streets, to the loss of father and other family meembers during the Rwanda genocide,  but these trials and tribulations have made me stronger and I look to the future with hope and optimism for a better and more complete life with Esther at my side. Please support us by donation, as we prepare for our wedding day. This day will mark the beginning of our Ephesians 5 relationship with one another...a relationship that we hope and trust to experience God's joy in as we display His glory.

Yours in the Lord’s service

John Makongo and Esther silwacho.
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