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Books For Maasailand

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Most rural schools in Maasai-land do not have a libraries  or extras books to read during their break time or even when they need to read a story book  or any other informative books. The only books they read are text books from   school and most of them do not have a privilege of taking these books home for weekends or during holidays . The opposite is the same with the urban and more equipped schools in town or cities  and at the end of their primary level of education, they do same examination nation-wide and compete for the best schools with them. These children are therefore disadvantaged because they do not have good command of the language (English)  and at times questions are easy . It is sad that ,when you interact with  the school going children, the only professions, they would mention to you are  teacher and a driver ..

Seeing these children  learn, has filled me with a great desire to help the children of my village,  by fundraising for them to be able to get books and other school  supplies. To give these boys and girls an opportunity to sit with books in their laps and sound out words and begin the journey of literacy and of a lifelong love of reading. The best weapon here in Maasaland is no-longer  a shield and a spear but a pen and a book , to be able to concur the world .
 This project will go along way in helping young boys and girls in the following schools:
·         Kimuka Primary School
 ·         Olosho-oibor Primary School
 ·         Saikeri Primary School
 ·         Ingarooj Boys  Secondary School
 ·         Kimuka Girls secondary School
Our pilot project will start in Kimuka primary school and see how we can expand to the rest of the schools in the regions .I am appealing to you to contribute as little as between (10-500)  Ksh here in Kenya and as little as $( 10 -100 )to help these children realize their dreams and aspiration . Your Contribution will mean a lot to this wonderful Children .

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